Tone of voice

These guidelines apply to everything written, but are closely interlinked with the Sommerro culture, customer service and design and image manual.


What is a brand voice?

Your brand voice is a big part of your brand personality. It is one of the features that will set the tone for the entire business. It will affect how you communicate with your target consumers and how you formulate content on the web, newsletter, campaigns and social media. Defining your brand voice is a great place to start when building your business brand personality and how you want your brand to be perceived in the mind of the consumer.

The Sommerro tone and voice

Why guidelines for our tone and voice? The words we choose and use can be just as important to our branding than our design elements and our imagery. Our way of speaking and writing, should be aligned with our brand values and personality. It helps us communicate consistently, across all channels. No matter where you meet Sommerro; online, on social media or in our lobby, you should recognize our tone, our values and our way of meeting guests, colleagues and partners.

Energize the city

Just like the Oslo Lysverker – the city’s original electrical company – used to do, we are on a mission to give back to the community and to create a positive force in Frogner. We are high-end made human: impressive, but not overbearing, inspiring and never judgemental. We are a beacon of light, and our plan is to create a new energy that will radiate across the city.


A light, friendly and optimistic tone.


Precise and to the point, without too many unnecessary words and adjectives. High quality. Correct (remember to spell check twice)


With a warm tone. Personal, caring and with a little sparkle in the eye.


We are storytellers – clear and straight forward. Self confident, not pushing sales.


We are inclusive and direct – personal instead of general. We are generous to guest and partners. We avoid rare or difficult wolds, to make sure we are easily understood by both next door neighbours and visitors from far away, of all ages and backgrounds


We are active – full of suggestions. Always service minded.

Sommerro House

Sommerro is a house to meet, eat, relax and refuel, in addition to being a place to sleep. We are so much more than hospitality, for so many more than tourists. That’s why we try to avoid the term “hotel”, where we can talk about the ”house” and all its different offerings. 


Direct translation isn´t always the best. Focus on getting the meaning AND the feeling – across. Feel free to use English puns and ideoms, if that can enhance the Sommerro personality. But remember that English texts address a broad international audience, that may not share the same references.