Colours & materials

The colours and materials at Sommerro are bold, sophisticated and natural extensions of the building’s art deco history.


Dark red

The Sommerro brand is built around a dark red hue with elements of ochre and beige. The red is inspired by the hotel’s red brick façade and should be predominant in communication outside Sommerro – on the website, in social media, on business cards and so on. Once inside the building, the red should be toned down, replaced by neutral nuances that blend naturally with the art deco interior – beige and shades of dark brown.

The various subsections of Sommerro are identified by their own hues. Vestkantbadet wellness facility, Lysverker scene and restaurants Ekspedisjonshallen and To Søstre have their own, specific palettes, matching the overall Sommerro brand.




To Søstre

Lysverker Scene

All natural

The materials at Sommerro should be natural. Hairdryer bags are made from natural-coloured cotton, coat hangers from dark wood, coasters are made from dark leather and room numbers from aged brass. Natural materials are tactile, solid and pleasant to the touch, communicating a sense of longevity to the visitor. Natural materials are also a durable and sustainable choice.

Scandia Ivory paper

Natural-coloured cotton


Aged brass

Kurz Luxor 396 hot foil

Colorplan Claret paper

Cialux 1521 fabric