Printing on textiles

The Sommerro textiles mirror the overall visual identity, with colours and patterns adjusted to the various textures in question.



A clear message

Though print is more cost-efficient, the preferred option on cotton – or similar textiles –should be embroidery. It is important to ensure that the colour of the thread matches the dark red in the Sommerro profile. Avoid going too purple or too red. If the correct colour cannot be replicated, choose a neutral colour instead – beige or black.

When transferring illustrations and patterns to textiles, ensure that all lines are clear and adjusted to the surface in question. Lines should not be too thin, and sometimes the number of colours need to be reduced – when transferring Bendik Kaltenborn’s Sommerro illustrations to Røros Tweed’s wool fabric, only two tones were used in order to make production possible.

Printing patterns on nylon is done with CMYK to fully capture the colours.


Print on natural-coloured cotton.

Embroidered label and illustration.

A mix of materials and textures in uniforms.

Embroidered illustration on furniture.

Printed illustration inside umbrellas.