Room Amenities

At Sommerro, room amenities should act as subtle reminders of location and leave the visitor with a feeling of wellbeing.


Toned-down enhancers

The room amenities are important manifestations of the Sommerro brand. During their stay, visitors are living with these objects, whether it’s a laundry bag, a coat hanger or an umbrella. As such, they are important enhancers of the desired Sommerro experience. The interior at Sommerro is truly special, inspired by the Norwegian art and design scene from the 1930s, when the building was erected. The amenities should blend nicely with the art deco surroundings. Toned-down, natural materials are preferred – canvas, wood, leather and so on.

A subtle reminder

Once the visitor has entered the hotel room, logos should be toned down – the visitor has already made an active choice to stay at Sommerro. The brand is manifested through custom-made typography, acting as a subtle reminder of location.